I Relearned to Talk, but Can't Devote Time and Energy to it.  Finding Words Hurts My Brain! 

I'm no longer a professional broadcaster.  I've always primarily been a "dead trees'' reporter and editor. 

I retain most of my vocabulary Only in Writing.  In Speech, my vocabulary is perhaps 18-to-20 percent. 

Since I don't waste time on Speech, I can divert 

enormous energy demanded by speaking to catching up: 

1. What happened during the years I was gone?;

2. Learning the most up-to-date electronic reporting and marketing protocols; and, of course;

3. Applying every Skill I can Imagine or Muster, to Earn

 a Living as a Professional Writer. 

In order to have a Professional Life, I choose muteness. 

There may be constructive trade-offs to help your Return.  Be open, okay?