Editor's Biography 


            A journalist with more than 50 years’ experience in Western politics and resource issues, Paul Thomas Richards has served as editor or co-editor of three newspapers, newsman and editor for The Associated Press, and elections manager for The AP, UPI, ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC.  

            Richards founded and produced a successful radio news network; founded and hosted a political television interview program; founded and managed a news service for weekly newspapers; and authored a syndicated political column.

            Richards is a voluntarily-retired member of the Montana House of Representatives and a former candidate for U.S. Senate, coming in third of five, after endorsing an opponent.  Rep. Richards can be reached at 406-225-4235.  On the sixth ring, utilize up-to-five full minutes for your verbal messages. I’ll receive your oral/aural message in writing and will then be able to respond.

             I'll also soon be available in writing at:  Editor@PeoplewithoutBrains.org .  

             (Complete biography at:  https://www.paulthomasrichards.com/bio-prison-paul-thomas-richards .)