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Make of It What You Will,

But, if You don't Understand Necessity for Letters Such as This, Your Future is Under the Bus.

Full Unredacted Text

Paul Thomas Richards

Healing Letter.

Thanks for your notes, Jeannette and Trinity.


Trinity, I'm extremely easy to reach!  Truly!  

1.  I can't walk, so I'm always around. 


2.  I've had the same phone (406-225-4235) number for 36 years.  I have five-full-minutes' messaging for precise and detailed messaging.  You can see how easily this messaging works, from today's telephone call from Jeanette. 

3.  I received Jeanette's call in writing.  No one at Benefis Spectrum has ever asked about my 12 head and brain surgeries and resultant disabilities.  For example, oral/aural information transmittal is quite difficult for me.  As a journalist of 50 years, however, I'm fine with text. 

4.  Efficient, precise transcripts work!  The five-minute message window is GREAT!  That's enough times for a lot of information.  All you need to do is talk for up to five minutes.  My wonderful phone people transcribe your vocal message into printed text.  I get the written text within minutes of your vocal call.  

5.  E-mail?  My e-mail has been, for more than a decade:, is "impossible to reach?"

This "He's impossible to reach"  b.s. stems from a Benefis Spectrum employee who didn't do his job, never contacted me, never provided services, and unethically attempted cover-up by the classic "blame the victim" con.  Quite simply, he hadn't done his job, unless you consider his job working religiously to deprive me of all essential meals.  

I don't get it.  It seems, instead of Truth,  "kick the crip"  is easier for some.  It's certainly destructive, insulting, and violates all applicable federal and state statutes.  A person whose job is to contact me never contacts me.  NEVER.  Instead of facing Truth, he opts for further destruction of the public's trust in programs that ostensibly help the disabled.  His failure to do his job and his NEVER calling me is, with malice, distorted into endless repetition of  "He's impossible to reach" lies, carefully tailored to to mislead.  Trinity, PLEASE, Please lend no credence to such nonsense.  It only denies me essential meals and crucial medical services such as your so-very-necessary LifeLine pendant.


This desperate "He's impossible to reach"  blame-the-victim con is now over.  May we celebrate its burial.  It's just so damned shameful that Samantha has to resort to legally forcing an agency to fulfill its ONLY mandate to help patients and clients and to stop applying its resources to destroy, mislead, and waste the time of disabled folks in need--

Some Folks Returning from 12 Head and Brain Surgeries may lack the substantial energy to comprehend or withstand blistering non-stop attacks from those funded to help them.  Sadly, "Kick the Crip" almost always works!  However, in this instance, they picked the wrong Crip to f**k with--This will never be their standard piece-of-cake bureaucratic "Kick the Crip" takedown.       


Jeannette and Trinity, I did received your new LifeLine pendant.  The old one worked fine, so I just let sleeping dogs lie.  Since your note, Trinity, I've realized the potential value in what may be an upgrade, quite possibly with more clear broadcasting.  So, the old pendant is now retired and the new one is on the job.  The new LifeLine is accomplishing its task extremely well, according to the helpful people at the other end of LifeLine.  Just to be sure, we tested two times, an hour apart.  They said their reception was exceptionally clear.   


I can't answer any your questions about meals, because Spectrum Benefis, through its 11-month commitment to terminate all meals, has forced us to litigation.  It's cosmically stupid.  We've all got better things to do.  

I'm sorry, but everything concerning all services Spectrum Benefis has worked so diligently to deny me must henceforth be directed to my attorney, Samantha Jensen.  This is entirely Samantha's call, but given past events, and our having to go to court to actually receive withheld services mandated by the federal and state governments; it may be best for all transactions to be in writing, even if this, too, is a cosmically stupid waste of time.


Ms. Jensen's e-mail address is within this missive.  Again, I regret this wholly-unnecessary tragedy of every bridge of credibility burned, immediately after I became a Spectrum Benefis patient and my every effort to obtain essential, deserved, eligible services being twisted into terribly hurtful "Kick the Crip" and wholesale lying  "He's impossible to reach."  This is sickening. 


The last thing a person who somehow survived 12 head and brain surgeries, and is working on remaining alive needs is sadistic attempts to kick him in the head and brain.  As a member of the Montana House of Representatives, I thought agencies created solely to help disabled people might spend their time, efforts, and our money helping disabled people.  However, as a responsible legislator, if agencies so created with such a specific and beneficial mission instead betray everything for which we legislators and public taxpayers fund them, obviously, those agencies must be terminated.  There isn't a taxpayer in the country who would disagree with me. 




Thank you both for your help and concern.  Trinity, your LifeLine program is so valuable!  And, you appear to conscientiously, with malice toward none, enjoy your job of truly helping disabled people in need.  

Thank you again, 




©2018 Paul Thomas Richards