Unable to Recognize Letters or Numbers:

       I can now recognize letters.  It didn't really matter.  With 50 Years in the business, my fingers take the keyboard and stories write themselves. 
      I'm not yet able to understand numbers.  They're so Phonecian!  This does not impair writing, as I have used cut-and-paste for all numbers ever since computers.  Transposition obviously opens the door for unnecessary errors.  I capture exact numbers from exact sources.
      Phones are another hurdle, as their keyboards are exactly opposite of calculators.  The only number I can accurately dial is 1-555-555-5555, because only the number 5 remains in the same place.
      Because I am mute, I qualify for a special "keyboard phone," often called a "Text Telephone," or "T.T.Y. Phone. "
      T.T.Y. operators are great.  They find and dial phone numbers.  Once they've made the right connection, they facilitate conversations.
      I type on a keyboard and the T.T.Y. operator speaks what I have typed to the listener.  The person called responds and the T.T.Y. operator gives me his/her words in writing on a printout. 
      These T.T.Y. conversation printouts are absolute lifesavers for those of us with limited or no memory.  Don't let them pile up!  File them in a fashion that will pose NO hurdles to locating when you need them.