Coup d'état

 JULY 4, 2016.



by Montana Rep. Paul Thomas Richards

Military-It's Over - PAUL SIMON
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          In his Farewell Address of January 17, 1961, retiring two-term President, former 5-Star General, and former Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, strongly warned Citizens of the United States about the dangers of U.S. militarism: 

"In the councils of government, we must guard

against the acquisition of unwarranted influence,

whether sought or unsought,* by the military-industrial complex.

"The potential for the disastrous rise of

misplaced power exists and will persist.

"We must never let the weight of this combination

endanger our liberties or democratic processes.

"We should take nothing for granted.

"Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel

the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery

of defense with our peaceful methods and goals,

so that security and liberty may prosper together." 

(*=coup d'état)


With the highest respect for President Eisenhower's prescience, I've had to abandon his then-quite-accurate term of "military-industrial complex" as the United States disintegrated and devolved throughout the next next six decades.  The Living Corporations' U.S Military have accompished about his most important warning:  

War is now the United States' only industry.  The United States descended from Eisenhower's volatile and dangerous "military-industrial complex"  to a treacherous, far more brutal "military-Corporate-media-industrial-assassination-police-and surveillance state complex"  to its now-fatal desperately murderous, no conscience, non-conscious "Corporate-military-mercenary-media-industrial-assassination-police state-surveillance-state-torture-disappearance-and-prison complex."*

(*=14.1 million United Sates' Citizens serving time in federal prisons for possession of cannabis, a plant.  U.S. has more prisoners than the test of the world, combined.)

"Living Corporations' U.S. War Machine"

I coined the terms "Corporations' U.S. War Machine" and "Living Corporations' U.S. War Machine" to include all above aspects of this malignant militarism, about which Presidents Washington and Eisenhower so strongly wanted to prevent.  


The Nation's two most significant military leaders strove to keep their beloved United State from Militarism and "Foreign Intrigue."  But just one example from George Washington, the "Father of Our Country:"

          "Excessive partiality for one foreign nation, and excessive dislike of another, cause those whom they actuate to see danger only on one side, and serve to veil and even second the arts of influence on the other.

          "Real Patriots, who may resist the intrigues of the favourite, are liable to become suspected and odious; while its tools and dupes usurp the applause and confidence of the people, to surrender their interests."


For the entire text of President Washington's eloquent warnings, as he refused a third term, please visit ​, by Clicking Here). 




There is No U.S. Economy, Other than WAR. 


The United States are held prisoners by perpetual wars, psychological bullying, taunting, beatings, murder, imprisonment and Living Corporations' bluster, backed by the Corporations' U.S. Military Machine's iron fists.  


To the United States, Any Other Nation Attempting Indepedence is an enemy.  The United States has no other priority than   

Endless Wars;  

Endless Enemies;  

Religious Wars;

Justifiable Wars;

Unjustified Wars; 

Wars Everywhere Against Everything;  

Collatoral Damage;

Wars Against Tolerance;  

Wars Against Intolerance; 

You name it and the

Living Corporations' Unites States War Machine will Kill It.


We Have No Mass Transit;

Our Swimmin' Pools Are Broken Glass

Nothing of value receives necessary taxpayer's funds.  We have no Mass Transit; our Libraries and the free books and other media containing Knowledge and Free Internet they could provide are closed; Playgrounds and Community Swimming Pools are broken glass; there are no more free Community Outdoor Concerts; all Public Nutrition programs for disabled, elderly, children, and starving were recently slashed one-third by Congress (saving the cost of perhaps one drone).

​Don't Matter.  Don't You Get It?  We're the Enemy.  Poor People Are the Enemy.  Poor People at Home.  Poor People Abroad.  It Makes No Difference!


Rich People like Endless Warfare.  It's Better than Cocaine.  One percent against ninety-nine percent demands efficiency, command control, and enormous body counts.  The U.S. War Machine's Official Motto:

"Kill 'em all and let God figure it out."

No more "Public"  allowed in Public Parks:  Public Parks are "fire-at-will"  Police Firing Ranges. 


No more "Public"  allowed in Public Streets.  Public Streets are "fire-at-will"  Military "anything goes"  Zones.  Streets are OCCUPIED, featuring Star Wars Storm Troopers.  Independent media reporters are spotted immediately, attacked and beaten, or immediately physically pushed and carried away from the "scene of the crime."  Police will then file charges against her and all others beaten physically abused.  

No more "Public"  allowed in Public Streets means:  NO Public Parades, NO Free Music.  ANY Free Community Celebration of any kind that might utilize Public streets  is verboten.  There is no more New Orleans.  Anywhere. 


Free Public Speech from the 99 percent is NEVER Tolerated, in OUR Parks, on OUR Streets, and especially in OUR Media.


However, Military-Planned, Military-Controlled, pro-militaristic V.F.W., American Legion, Veterans' Day, Flag Day, Memorial Day; or any other pro-militarism displays are allowed, encouraged, and taxpayer-funded.

FREE GUNS DAY!  WalMart for local cops!

All local police forces now receive "gifts" of heavy military artillery, tanks, rockets, and armed troop carriers from the War Machine.  

It's WalMart for local cops. They get the latest toys.  And, then, as any parent knows, they will use them.  

They get to enforce anything they damn well want to enforce.  No Citizens Gonna UpRise Here!  

Towns of 35,000 now have what-used-to-be "local" police, armed to the teeth with armed drones, surveillance drones, tanks, rockets, troop carriers; and the mandatory Star Wars Storm Troopers' gear; thanks to the War Machine's grandiosity.  


It's fantastically obvious these massive military hardware stores are intended for use:  RIGHT HERE!  Area inhabitants do NOT yet realize. . . .


The War Machine Now Treats Trained Non-Violent Civil Disobedience Practitioners of the U.S. Constitution AS TERRORISTS!

The War Machine now considers non-violent civil disobediance to be terrorism!  ANYTHING GOES!  Kick the livin' sh*t outta the most peaceful people in the country, bravely putting their lives on the line to openly and honestly exercise their Constitutional Rights of Free Speech.

To the military machine, this is Terrorism.  Peaceful gathering is not allowed, because it could turn violent.

Actually:  Violence is guaranteed, because the Military Machine will always bring out the thugs, and innocent people will be assaulted and then imprisoned for participating in their assault.

This guarantee of police violence is fully intended to bully any future Martin Kuther King, Jr.s that they face fates of Kent State, John F. Kennedy, and MLK, Jr. himself.  These are NOT local police that protects local Citizens.  These are Federally-coordinated precision military stike forces.  

Instead of their town's Citizen Police ensuring the saftey of all Patriotic nonviolent citizens exercising their Constituional Rights in what some called "The Greatest County in the World;"

The "Greatest Military Machine in the World" has now taken the Reins/Reigns.  Disowned Citizens or others Stepping Outside Will Be Crushed.  

Former U.S. Constitutional Rights are dangeously contagious and those exercising them are to be , so those witnesssed excis Constitutional Rights completely. Those exercising theirs overtly will be taken out.  No questions asked, no bodies traced, simply "disappeared."  The United States are the leading proponents of "disappearing"  people so they no longer exist. after 80 lashes onto that man's back. 


          Free Public Music isn't allowed anymore.  

          Free Public Music's Direct Cousin (along with Free Speech)--

Free Public Gatherings  on Free Public Land are immediately attacked with premeditated precision Military-coordinated assault; featuring Star Wars' Storm Troopers' streaming mace, grenades, and basefall bats beating peaceful former U.S. Citizens on former Public Land.

Since Cheney and Scalia were appointed:  Indefinite imprisonment in Unknown Prisons and "Disappearances."  became the norm

Once the "Land of the Free," ​the United States are now, woefully: "Land of Zero Tolerance."

Woe Begotten Any Who Dare Think Independently

Woe Begotten Any, Anywhere, especially in the United States, who Dare Overtly Think Independently, without prior approval from the the Living Corporations' U.S. War Machine or political pawns, now unaccountable to the public.  

Razor-wired "Free Speech Zones" 

The Living Corporation's War Machine has constructed  razor-wired "Free Speech Zones"  throughout the country. These razor-wired "Free Speech Zones"  all await inmates that still believed in the former United States Constitution.  

Those attending  Corporate-Democrat-Corporate-Republican-and Corporate Corporate convention as U.S. Citizens not "on the List"  are beaten and forced into the razor-wired "Free Speech Zones,"  strategically placed miles away; to ensure the Corporate-Democrat-Corporate-Republican One-Percenters don't have to endure former U.S. Citizens' presence on former U.S. Citizens' Public Steets and in former U.S. Citzens' Public Parks within and near their extremely-private klatches.  

Private Corporate-Democrat-Republican One-Percenter klatches trump former U.S. Citizens on former U.S. Public Property any day of the week.  

Although Living Corporations do not pay taxes, Private Corporate/Democrat/Republican/One-Percenters' klatches count on Citizen Taxpayers' subsidizing necessary beatings, clubbings, macing, bullying, provocation, violence, forced trucking to the razor-wire "Free Speech" zones, and long-term prison sentences. No No quarter given by the Military/Police State.  


The Military/Police State does soley what the Living Corporations' U.S. Military Machine tells it to do.  And that means NO Public Citizens' gatherings anywhere near Corporate/Democrat/Republican/One-Percenters' klatches--ESPECIALLY on our Public Lands, which the Military Machine now believes it owns.


Please don't try this experiment unless fully prepaepared.  If you are a person-of-color-other-than-pink, attempt utilizing your own public parks.  Kids playing?  Adults walking to work or out for a healthy stroll?  Any person-of-color-other-than-pink resting on a park bench and using the public park as a public park.  You will certainly be harrassed by the Living Corporations' U.S. Military Machine, very often beaten and imprisoned now, and, now:  Killed on the spot from short range, often a Bullet through your head. Use a Public Park, and Risk Being Shot on Sight.


Public Parks, Public Streets, Public Convention Centers, Public Buildings and anything adjacent:  They all belong to the Living Corporations' U.S. Military Machine.  Indoctrination is steep.  As stated above, no quarter granted.  No exceptions.  Black men out for a stroll are are dead men walking. 






In order to maintain control; the One-Percenters' Police Domestic Armies have all the taxpayer-subsidized rocket-lauchers, armed drones, grendates, mace streamers (no more wimpy sprayers) missiles, surveillance drones, tanks, and personnel carriers to haul away both dead and living.  MilitaryTowns of 1,000til, grenades that cause permanent ear damage, and mace streamers to protect formerly-Public Streets necessary for their ingress and egress to and from all Five-Star resorts and hotels.  


Any dirty hoi polloi or riffraff of college professors, mothers, veterans, poor people, or ministers that even touch One-Percenters will likely be shot and left to die on the formerly-Public Street.

ALL Must Note the Prominent Military Muscle Squashing the Courthouse's former-Public-Lawn.  What happens INSIDE the Courthouse is no longer important.  


OUTSIDE the Courthouses, these military toys outside the Courthouse, aimed at the Public, ARE important.  Humongous armored tank transports are full of adrenaline-charged soldiers, prepared for battle, prepared for WAR, extreme pressure building inside that tank trasnport, along with rapidly-rising heat.

ALL Must NOT Note the Following:

(all hyper-linked) 

At All of These Military Displays of Power, Attends Martin Luther King, Jr.;

At All of These Military Displays of Power, Attends Henry David Thoreau;

At All of These Military Displays of Power, Attends Crazy Horse;

At All of These Military Displays of Power, Attends Nelson Mandella;

At All of These Military Displays of

Power, Attends Olaf Palme;

At All of These Military Displays of

Power, Attends Norman Morrisen;

At All of These Military Displays of Power, Attends Rachel Corrie;

At All of These Military Displays of Power, Attends Fred Hampton;

At All of These Military Displays of Power, Attends The Dalai Lama;

At All of These Military Displays of Power, Attends the U.S.A.'s Own

Jesus Christ,

 "the Prince of Peace;" 

At All of These Military Displays of Power, Attends Archbishop Oscar Romero ;

At All of These Military Displays of Power, Attends Arundhati Roy;

At All of These Military Displays of Power, Attends Thich Nhat Hahn and his blood relative, Gautama Buddha;

To All of These Military Displays of Power, Comes Mohondas K. Gandhi and He Brings Hundreds of Millions, Coming Thousands of Miles from ALL Directions.


To All of These Military Displays of Power, Comes Elected President Salvador Allende; 

Celebrating More than 40 Consecutive Years of Democacy in Chile.  



Military:  It's Over.  You are Done.

Military:  You had Fun Blowing Everything Up;

Now:  You're Going to Have Fun ReBuilding, Worldwide, Our Towns, Farms, and Economies as WE Want Them!

No Exceptions for Brass.

We Need Plenty of Pure Water to Drink, Healthy Food to Eat,

Clean Air to Breathe,

Community and Organic Gardens; Culture in the Parks,

Good Libraries, and Mass Transit.

Responde, s'il vous plaît?


Of course:






Civil Disobedience


Domestic Terrorism.



Corporate Media's Brainwashing

Is Unquestionable.

 If You Kill Someone Committing Civil Disobedience, Then God Bless You!

There's a Zero Percent Chance

You Just Bagged an Authentic Terrorist. 


Civil rights, equal rights, sexual identity rights, civil rights.  One-percenters won't tolerate another leader, such as Martin Luther King, Jr. In fact, THEY won't tolerate any meaningful empowerment for anyone with non-pink skin tones and no penis. 

They will specifically target "Those who do not practice "traditional" "woman/wife" and "traditional" "man/husband" "coupling."  

These fundamentalist puritans really get off on making other peoples' sex lives public. 

They're bored to tears, but They Sure Don't Want to See Anyone Else Having Fun.  They're stuck with lousy relationships, plastic communities, and purposeful ignorance.

With traditionally-altruistic timeworn Puritan epic:

"We're Not Having Fun, So Why Should You?"; 

They won't simply go away.  


Ba!  ALL verboten!

There Will Be No More Civil Rights or Peace.

There will be no more civil rights or peace.  To the adrenaline-charged, sweat-soaked soldiers inside those hot tanks and troop carriers parked to block all streets to the formerly-PUBLIC PARK; a Civil War is but one minute away.

To the more naive; it would seem as those public Citizens are simply having fun gathering in a Public Park, celebrating Life and Peace.  Tio the Soldiers, the happy people ae TERRORISTS!  

The very first things:  Tots head toward the biggest guns the Military Machine placed there WITH BALOONS TIED WITH COLORED RIBBONS TO TANK AND TROOP CARRIER GUNS, to climb and play.  

It's done in Every Community Now:  The "U.S. War Machine"  Bribes Cops--Many of Them Also BULLIES-Who DIG BIGGER GUNS and suddenly the town is occupied by Massive Military hardware;

including weapons of mass destruction.  

NOW, please understand:  

          These massive shipments of heavy Weapons of War and state-of-the art weaponry that you now see in Your Community,

are NOT going anywhere.  

          They REMAIN, All of Them.




There is no other purpose for heavy military Weapons of War in this community other than to utilize them against Civilians, should the "U.S. War Machine" ever deem that necesessary.

Understand:  These massive Weapons of War are going to DOMINATE your former community.  You'll See Them Everywhere.  Your aren't going to recognize your own town.  

THE CORPORATIONS' U.S. MILITARY MACHINE will sap the Soul right out of any community.

These Weapons Will Remain in Your Community, Under Our Command.

You have Been Chosen.  Congratulations, Your Community is Now Officially Declared Occupied by the U.S. War Machine.  There will be NO Free Concert and Dance the formerly-Public Park Saturday night.  That is all. 


A "Chosen Community" Sounds So Much Better Than "An Occupied Community," don't You Think? 


Now You Community is "Occupied," You'll Have As Many Rights As the Palestinians Overseas.



          1.  Those heavy military Weapons of War are brought to your community to utilize against your community.

          2.  Joint Task Force blah, blah, blah.  Basically, your cops sold you out.  But, you can trust them now they have even bigger guns.  The bigger their gun, the more you HAVE! to trust them.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha. 


So, you just kinda sit there and attempt turning your own brain back on.  

All these unfathomably expensive toys that have all sorts of cool stuff,

like colored baloons!, are actually Diseased Carriers of Death.  


Militarism is ALWAYS a fatal Disease. 

These Gun Carnivals Never End!

Cops get free toys that can easily kill thousands.  They keep bringing home the latest models of their special toys ll of a sudden there's complete Military occupation. 

If any dare protest War orgies and Mass Celebrations of Killing; Mace is regularly STREAMED, point blank, into eyes of nonviolent protestors on what used-to-be-PUBLIC Property.  


Mace exits the can in a full stream.  "spray" IS MYTH.

The "War Machine" uses euphenisms  "mist" and "spray"  to Describe subtances that permanently damage eyes-and-vision.


Torture that remains permanent, REGULARLY forced upon peaceful innocent former U.S. Citizens; Followed by INSTANTANEOUS coverup.






Parent scramble after their kids climbing the tanks, laughing as they play with brightly colored helium-filled baloons tethered by stunningly-colored yarn/string. The shootings could begin any moment, à la Kent State--67 bullets in merely 13 seconds!

The U.S.A.:  A Kinder, Gentler Military Dictatorship.

United States Citizens exercising former U.S. Constitutional Rights to peaceably assemble on Public Property will not be tolerated.

But, it's important the World understand United States' torture of innocent Citizens is benign; as the United States is a kinder, gentler military dictatorship.  

It's strictly Madison Avenue-approved "feel good" torture. ALL Members of the High Council are with us.

The Dictator wants to keep this whole "kinder, gentler military dictatorship" campaign ramped up.  

Start thinking about real "Oomph" into the Dictator's "kinder, gentler" thing.  How about forcing every one to wear a smiley-face logo?  And, we will paint huge smiley-face murals on the exterior of every bulding.

And, people like banners.  Of course, we'll keep Living Corporatations' Flag, U.S. Flag, or Confederate Flag atop Cathedrals; federal, state, county buildings; every school-all the way from pre-school to University; fieldhouses; and other places we must dominate. 

Ghettos are the Key: 

Ghettos are where we get cannon fodder.  Every Empire Must have Cannon Fodder.  


We've got to keep them fi t.  We no longer allow Grass, Trees, Shade, or Celebrations of any type.  What to do? 

We could airdrop smiley-face buttons.

No, we need more.  We need to up our game.

  Buy those Bullet-Proof Steel-Chain Basketball Nets! 

Every ghetto will contain least two dozen courts, outside or inside, with two unbent, unbendable hoops and steel-chain nets, understand?  The good steel nets, with perfect dropthrough time. These ghetto kids deserve the best.


Those hoops and nets need protection. Put a cop on the hoops-and-nets beat.  Maybe a dozen cops in Oakland, Brooklyn, Bed-Sty, and south Chi-town.  Got that?  

Keep all purchases in the Family Account, O.K.?  

We want benign that will stick.  Ronald Reagan was benign.  We need that level of benign.  No matter how many nuns his mercenaries raped and tortured, how many farmers' market he bombed, or how many people he assassinated.  Even when the C.I.A. murdered key "Liberation" theologist, Bishop Romero of El Salvador--Reagan's "benign" STILL stuck. 

Then, when Reagan blew up busses full of Sandanista schoolkids in Nicaragua, another great CIA Project, he kept that "benign."

As a radio man, Reagan originated sincere lying while sportscasting baseball games at which he was never present. 


General Electric (G.E.) saw the potential.


G.E. put Reagan on the gravy train that delivered him all the way to the White House.  A pitchman.   



Be grateful you're not a tan or brown Moslem student supporting  peace.  It's Harder for the Military Machine Identify White Moslems and sympathizers.  

The United States are kind when we stream Mace into our children's eyes and painfullY blind them.  But, the United States are MEAN, when they enter Territories of Oil.

If you are a tan or brown Moslem student supporting peace just reading a book; you will be atomized by a droned specially-taught to attack tan, white, red, brown, yellow, or black Moslem kids; aged zero to 126.  White Moslems, good luck.

Streaming mace into innocent young white students' eyes is kind; So much more so than a drone strike.  


Beatings are quite firm at inside-the-closed-doors, away-from-all-people-and-all cameras, jailhouse, police station, warehouse, penitentary, and PRE-DESIGNATED "Free Speech Zones." Many disappear.  Collateral Damage. 

Yes, we torture our own Citizens, for publicly and peacefully assembling.  You must understand that any peaceful public gathering turns into a riot.  We hire only the best goons and murderous psycopaths.  Many are safely encased in Star Wars' Storm Trooper outfits.

The United States Military Machine stands by to torture white females with Mace-jelled Q-Tips® and kill black people with bullets.  Hand grenades that permanently deafen are quite effective, especially against "over-aggressive" adolescent whites. 

For Adenaline-junkied, pent-up, angry, hateful, pissed-off cops stuck in some armed transport at 105 degrees; there's NOTHING better than charging out, yelling woo-ha, and beating the crap out of everyone and anyone.  Remember, the formerly-"Public" Streets NOW belong to "the War Machine" and their whoo-ha goons who enjoy busting peoples' heads, beating them with bats until they fall, then just kickin' the Living Sh*t out of ANYONE who supports Peace. 


But, it is truly possible the armchair "Pilots" may get more job satisfaction, as they pop their eighth and ninth "Code Red" Mountain Dew(r)s and repeatedly study "thier own" missiles atomizing entire neighborhoods fomerly occupied by tan, white, red, yellow, brown, or black Muslem students reading books and supporting peace with Friends and Famly.  This is SO Cool:  The Electronic War Game to End ALL Electronic War Games!  What a Buzz!

The "U.S. War Machine" has conquered what were once Constitutional democracies.


Despite dire warnings from Generals, Patriots, and Presidents; all the way from Washington to Eisenhower,*  140 Countries Now Hate the United States. 





A fully-insatiable, certifiably-insane addiction.  Totally Addiction to War Adrenalin. 

The "War Machine"  doesn't mind murdering beloved leaders and destroying ALL Splendorous, ALL Options, and ALL Positive Futures for ALL of Us, just as long as it meets these hopelessaddicts' kill quotas and mandated assassinations.


I rue this day, as the United States are now devoted to INFINITE WARS & ENDLESS ENEMIES; torture; more destructive toys for Star Wars Storm Troopers; recruiting and arming enemies; recruiting and arming former enemies; recruiting and arming allies about to be enemies; encouraging and discouraging religious fanaticism & fundamentalism, Armageddon, intolerance, hatred, and always perpetuating mass destruction throughout the World.

I rue this day, as the U.S. Military Machine Invades and Occupies 140 of the World's 202 countries.  Death incarnate, unlimited prisons, torture, and black ops.

I rue this day as it proves the Corporations' U.S. Military machine wages full-scale assault upon:  Spirituality, Creativity, Music, Dance, Art, Joy, Beauty, Compassion, Silence, Nature, Planet Mother Earth, Endangered Species, Solitude, Mutual Respect and even Hope itself.  

As a Professional Journalist, I utilize or coin terms:

"U.S. War Machine," and, much more Truthfully,

"Living Corporations' U.S. War Machine." 


Because no other terms

So accurately carry their Magnitude. 

Rue This DayCopyRighted, Sadly, July 4, 2016;Paul Thomas Richards2016

* = “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, 

every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense,

a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, and

those who are cold and not clothed.”

5-Star General Dwight D. Eisenhower

Supreme Commander, Allied Forces, WWII.

Asked to Run for President by Democratic Party.

Asked to Run for President by Republican Party.

President of the United States of America; 1953-1961.


# 1.  FULL CONSTUTIONAL TAKE DOWN.  For the Best Legal Analysis exposing Supreme Scalia's Takeover and Short-Term Dictatorship of the U.S., go to: .

# 2.  WHAT THIS REEEALY  MEANS:  Militarism Ending Democracy.  U.S. Militarily Occupying 140 Countries.  What Nations, Countries, Religions, Groups, or Individuals will the Living Corporations' U.S. War Machine Destroy Next?

Lemmings Inquierer Reporters are Going to Cover/Smother This Story!  Democracy Deserves No Less.  

# 3.  Truly Intimate Coverage at: .

MILITARISM = PAIN.  Losing Democracy = PAIN.

Feel the Pain, Learn like Crazy, and Start Exploring Alternatives at: WWW.PEOPLEwithoutBRAINS.ORG

If you visit only one site, trying to get a grip, this is the one.






Rep. Paul Thomas Richards 

A journalist with more than 48 years’ experience in Western politics and resource issues, Paul Thomas Richards has served as editor or co-editor of three newspapers, newsman and editor for The Associated Press, and elections manager for The AP, UPI, ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN.

Richards founded and produced a successful radio news network; founded and hosted a television interview program; founded and managed a news service for weekly newspapers; and authored a syndicated political column.

Richards is a voluntarily-retired member of the Montana House of Representatives and a former candidate for U.S. Senate, coming in third of five, after endorsing an opponent.  


Richards has experienced 12 head or brain surgeries.  This Web site, People Without Brains dot org, will Feature Brain Healing and Brain Growing Tools for Those Overwhelmed by No Longer Being "Themselves."  How to Access Everything You'll Need to Successfully Rewire Your Brain and Attitudes.  

Rep. Richards can be reached at T.T.Y.:  711-406-225-4235 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mountain Time. 





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