My name is Paul Thomas Richards.

I'm Healing from 12 Head

and Brain Surgeries.

 I've Come Back

"from Zero" Twice. 

I Learn and Carry Knowledge from These Experiences, just as You Hold Unique Wisdom from Your Brain Injuries.

Here are Challenges Faced and What I'm Learning from Them.  Many are Hyper-Linked to Their Own Pages.  Send in your stories, good and bad. 

I can't walk.  Yet.  From 24/7/365 Days a Year-Debilitating Forward-Falling Vertigo makes Life a Real Challenge!

I Hope We Collectively Raise Hope as We Share Information about Such Topics as:



Seeing only Grayness             

Seeing Color                   

Fluctuations between the above. 

Falling and Breaking Bones

Wheel Chairs, plaster casts, or Velcro(r) straps to support arm, hand, shoulder, neck, and other areas where you are affected.  


Severe Forward-Falling Vertigo

Inability to Walk. I'm Learning to Walk Now.

Inability to Bend

Inability to Move My Head

Inability to Move My Eyes

Inability to Talk:  I was Mute for Years. I'm Learning to Talk, but writing is more important.  I guestimate I use about 10 percent of my oral/aural vocabulary, so I can utilize 100 percent of my vocabulary.

If I try to talk or try to stand, it takes so much energy, I can't Write. 


In PeoplewithoutBrains;

We can share about budgeting time, chores, hospital screwups, VA screwups, Medicaid screwups, Vocational Rehabilitatiion screwups, medication screwups, and Medicare screwups.


Please, let's be Constructive and Understanding.  We can do better than the VA and BigPharma.  They're only in it for the money. 

Forget the crooks! 

Let's discuss meds and supplements that may or may not work for you.  As we Share, Others will Learn.  Brains can and will become revitalized.   

No Memory:

I Lost a Turkey for 3 Days!

I Must Physically Carry with Me, in a backpack, if necessary, Each Single Project with which I am Currently Involved.  No Exceptions!

Until that Single Project is FULLY Concluded,

I can Do No More. 

If I prematurely think of or start something elsewhere, while I need to work on that first single project at hand.  If I safely and slowly conclude whatever my project, I fall less and break fewer bones.

Not Knowing Where My Legs, Feet, and Toes Are, Not Knowing Where My Arms, Hands, and Fingers Are; I break almost Everything I Try to Touch.  To Wash Dishes, I Use Eyesight to Bring Me within 10 inches of the Object to be Washed. 


I must then Close My Eyes and Wash the Dish Tactilely, or Blindly.  If I Open My Eyes, I Inevitably Break the Dish, since I don't Know where my Hands and Fingers are, as they relate with other things.  I've got one minute I can stand vertically from my wheelchair.  That's enough for a couple plates and just enough silverware.

In the Same Light, I Must Physically Feel Where I Might Want to Set Something, to Ensure Safety.  


As I Approach where I want to set something, I must Close My Eyes, in order to Tactilely Ensure a Safe Landing.  If I reach for the Object, I must Close my Eyes, so my tactile hands can avoid incredible damage caused when my eyes lead me astray.

Inability to "See" Things

No Organizational Skills-Only One Thing at a Time

Since I Can't Bend or move my Head, Brains, or eyes; I'm attempting to Crouch.  Crouching will likely Gradually Bringing Strength to My Thighs. 



"Terminator Nurses." 


Medicaid Nurses purposefully withheld my most essential medication, Ondansetron, for four years, so I was unable to do anything at all except lie in bed, unable to move or talk.  After four years of immobility, my muscle tone is weak to nonexistent. 

An attorney had to sue to free me from the Lewis and Clark County (Montana) Health Department's "Terminator Nurses."  Although Lewis and Clark County fought like hell for their "right" to kill me;

my attorney won and, thanks to him, I am now getting essential medications from competent care-givers.  I am Resuming Life.












Inability to Get Out of Bed. 

As I Gain Thigh Strength by slowly and carefully Crouching (with support nearby, of course),

I will soon be able to Get Out of Bed. 

I Can't just Stand up from bed, as I would pass out from dizziness.  To avoid vertigo, nausea, and dizziness; It takes me from 30 minutes to four hours to before I can move. 

Right now, I am atrophic. 

I want to Get Out of Bed, develop stronger arm muscles, utilizing strong hand bars, gradually developing my quadriceps. 



My short-term goals?

I want to Stand, and

I want to Return to Walking. 

Once Out of Bed, I will Utilize Trekking Poles, if at all possible.  Now, my right leg "caves" and collapses.  I want to reBuild Muscle Tone in My Upper Body and the trekking poles will be a great start.  When I am not Strong enough to stand, even with trekking poles, I have a very Comfortable Wheel Chair. 

I can't Understand most Oral/Aural Conversations.  However, my phone company is Kind. 


All of my Callers (406-225-4235) get a Five-minute Message window upon the Sixth Ring.  Five minutes is a lot of time, enough to achieve actual communication and successful businesses.  Forget the 30-to-45-seconds' messages so generously granted by common answering machines.

I get each telephone message as text, through my e-mail service.  I can then understand it and respond accordingly. 

Orally/Aurally, I can access perhaps only 10-percent-to-20-percent of my True vocabulary.  Again, I can't be interrupted, without complete derailment, losing my train of thought or activity.

My 50 years as a Journalist allows my fingers to be my brain.  I can type as fast as ever.  My vocabulary remains fully intact though my fingers.  So, I've resumed my writing profession.  I need the income.  I'm a bit hampered, as I can only address one project at a time.  ANY interruption will force loss of thought and activity. 



We've all been through the b.s. from V.A. Hospitals,

Corporate Hospitals (same thing), Lazy or Corrupt Physicians Who Sold Their Souls to VA and Corporate Hospitals, and Health Care Workers No Longer Allowed Empathy. 


Those Working at VA  and Corporate Hospitals are 

Administratively Denied Their God-Given Talents to Be Creative, Think, and actually Help Us Patients!

If We're Strong Enough to Escape Them; We Face an Army of Burned Out Incompetent Medical Social Workers- 

All Without a Clue, Incapable of Compassion, NO medical education of any meaning; just doin' their Zombie thing.



This is the-late President Ronald Reagan's Thing:

Hiring Only Potential Employees into Public Service, who, from their first One-Hour Coffee Bitch to Two-Hours' Lunchtime Complaints How the Sick, Poor and Disabled Are Parasites and that's why They Hate Their Jobs so much. 


Then, comes the mandatory Two-Hours' daily afternoon coffee breaks, followed soon, after such a hard day's meanspiritedness, punching the clock, and grumbling their ways home. 

Decades later, the Reagan work stoppage has, unfortunately, become de rigueur for almost all public service employees, not just lazy haters. 


Public servants think they're loathed--A fully accurate self-fulfilling prophecy. 

OF COURSE, IF THEY DID THEIR JOBS!; loathing, either real or perceived, wouldn't exist. 


Every decade, Reagan's Work Strike of so-called "Public Health Care" Bureaucrats becomes deeper, broader, stronger, and vigilantly peer-enforced within helping-patients-is-not-allowed public health agencies, as with Lewis and Clark County's "Terminator Nurses" needlessly forcing me into not being able to move for four years. 


A competent employee within almost all government-funded agencies is a direct threat to de rigueur and will be fired as soon as possible, which means expensive government lawyers will have to be involved, instead of expensive government lawyers helping us disabled obtained Congressionally- and legislatively-mandatory services all taxpayer-funded "health care providing" for-profit Corporations have ignored ever since the Reagan Rule.

Haters Refusing to do Their On-the-Public-Dole Jobs are perpetually Mad at inconvenient desperate attempts by us sick and disabled folks, they'll NEVER treat us as anything other than numbers. 

See, they have to keep the numbers up to get paid.  Of course, contracted for-profit Corporate agencies will never provide direly-needed patient services.  To the bureaucrats, Public Health Care means nothing.

Millions seek essential services.  No Help!  BAD! 


Folks Sans Homes, Food, or Health Care Disappear.


Reagan wanted Poor People to disappear, so right-wing one-percenters could eliminate ALL programs that might potentially help the Poor. 


It's not a bad strategy.  Reagan's genial genocidal ways worked!  In both Central America and the United States; Indigenous, non-pink People, and Folks without homes, food, clothing, blankets, or health care did indeed disappear.





It's Time to Share your

Head and Brain!

This is a COMMUNITY Forum!

  I Only Know Myself (for biography, Click HERE)

  I'll Toss Out Potentially-Productive HEALING information, drawn from my own experiences.

  Please do the same.  This site's e-mail address is:

This Web site is yours. 

        1.  Share How You're Emerging from Your Brain Injuries. 
        2.  Share Where You're Stuck. 
        3.  Share What You'd Like to Learn. 
        4.  How Do We Escape the Hopeless Propaganda Mass-Manufactured by Big Pharma to "hook" Us; Propagated so Successfully by Corporate Media's "Disease of the Week" "News"/Advertisements/Panel Show Drug-Pushing?
        5.  How Do We Learn to Ignore Corporate Media and Big Pharma's and Discard Health Care Professionals No Longer Capable of Thing Independently.  How to Elevate Indigenous   Healing, primarily its Use of Affordable Herbs and Medicines. 
         6.  When do We Simply Boycott Profits-Only "medical care," where Doctors are Owned by Hospitals Who Reap Handsomely Playing the Big Pharma's/Corporate Media's "Crisis of the Week"/$156 a Pill ("the first one's free"/Go to Prison if Affordable Cannabis Works Better for You" Big-Time Con Games that Kill Us.
        7.  With Corporations Owning all Hospitals and Doctors, so They Can Dictate All Medical "care," Where Can We Find Doctors and Health-Care Professionals that are actually Allowed to Think and work Cooperatively with you, so You Actually HEAL?
        8.  How do we, as Patients, place Ourselves in Healthy Situations with Brilliant, Positive Healers that have abandoned Big Pharma and Corporate Hospitals, in order to set up Radical Medical Practices Based on Patient Care, Rather than Big Pharma/Corporate Media profits?
We're missing parts of our brains, for God's Sake!  In pain, insecure, fearful, and doubting our own strengths:  We make ourselves the ideal suckers for Hustlers. 
In the United States, profits are always more important.  Intelligent, Affordable, and Preventative Health Care is abandoned.  Regular health maintenance is merely quaintness from the past. 
Indigenous Healers with Thousands of Years's Knowledge are Feared!   Refusing to believe they are of the Earth, many patients in the United States are terrified by plants and funghi.  In one decade ending two years ago, U.S. Military SWATs threw 18 million innocent people into federal Prisons, if they so much as looked toward plants for Healing. 
The U.S. Military is especially  fond of throwing brain-injured patients into prison for Attempting Affordable non-BigPharma ways to Heal from our Brain Injuries!
It's time to Real, Abolish SWATs and admit that Healing is a Medical Issue, hardly appropriate for terrorizing Innocent Citizens, breaking into their homes, beating them, stealing the home's contents of anything of value, and throwing the 18 million Innocents into Prison, some "For Life."   Prisons are profitable, a safe bet in any Military-controlled (fascist) Nation.  Eighteen million now in Prion for the Crime of Achieving Health and Living!  Not a single one-percenter, mind you.  Obama's attorney general promised banksters they would NEVER be held accountable for trillions stolen with their phony "credit-default swap" scams they dreamed up to create the crash of 2008  
May this Forum Offer Camaraderie that is Safe, Informative, Healing, and Trustworthy. 

 Please Jump In & Contribute! 

 Send Anything You Believe Might Help Anyone to: 


 We'll All Learn through Sharing. 

 When We Share:  No Fear, Less Nightmares, 

 Freed Spirits, Hard Work, More Music, More Humor, More Love, Unlimited Creative Expression, then, just maybe, first Smiles since 1994 brain surgery! 

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To establish this People without Brains e-mail, I must steady myself for the inbred/inept corruptness of "Google"; which instantly and directly feeds every shard of information within which it comes contact to the F.B.I.; N.S.A.; D.E.A. SWAT, and at least a dozen other federal/Corporate/Military surveillance agencies-ALL on 24/7/365 patrol to stop Free Speech in the United States.  Please understand e-mails containing your personal medical information will be confiscated, indexed, and filed by your federal government.

You can call me at:  406-225-4235  (U.S.A.).  Upon the 6th Ring, You'll have Five Full Minutes to Leave Your Detailed Message.  The Feds will, of course, also record your message, as you speak it.  Every telephone in the United States is unConstitutionally eavesdropped, just as every e-mail is stolen.  Is this not Terrorism? 


Unless all brain-injured folks (including MANY  vets) are judged, without trial, as terrorists; I'll get your verbal phone message in a written format I can better comprehend, to which I can better respond, and with which we will stimulate discussion, followed by constructive, decisive action. 

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